TPU Arch Support Insoles

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  1.  Superior Shock Absorption: The TPU arch support sport insoles are designed to provide ultimate shock absorption with its unique design that includes TPE material and TPUarch support. A Gel️ pad on the back heel and forefoot  has a shock absorb effect and increases the comfort. 
  2. Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief: The insole provides excellent arch support, making it perfect for those suffering from plantar fasciitis pain. The cushioned support helps to alleviate pain and provide comfort throughout the day.
  3. Free Cutting for Perfect Fit: The insoles can be easily cut to fit any shoe size, ensuring a perfect fit for both men and women. Simply trim the insoles to match the size of your shoes.
  4. Suitable for Various Shoes: These insoles are suitable for a variety of shoe types, including sneakers and work boots, making them a practical and versatile choice for everyday use.


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