Sports Insoles for Shock Absorption

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  1.  Step into maximum comfort with a pair of Stepcomfy GEL insoles! Made out of ultra premium GEL, these shoe insoles relieve pressure in order to reduce swelling, minimize heel pain and soothe achy feet. They also absorb shock, thus protecting your joints from high impacts from running or jumping.
  2.  To provide you with gel insoles that are customized for the specific your foot, these footwear inserts can conveniently be trimmed and cut. Simply cut the edges of the insoles with a pair of scissors to achieve the perfect fit before installing them in your shoes.
  3.  We recommend our gel insoles for athletes and fitness professionals who are looking for an easy way to keep going, but they are also effective for those who work on their feet, including nurses, doctors, teachers, servicemen, chefs and more.
  4.  These GEL inserts are like little cushions for your feet! The support the arches, they gently massage the heel throughout the day to mitigate fatigue and they can be used in just about any type or size of shoe.


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